Is it important that i buy eso gold now? No it’s not important it’s a must to buy eso gold now

We have all seen those website and adds where they send you to buy eso gold now, i am sure everybody have seen at least one, and not only on buy eso gold now or buy wow gold now but mostly for all mmo’s out there. Of course they are trying to advertise but they may be right to some point.

        My point of buy is that you should buy eso gold now. And now means when the game starts or when there are patches, but mostly you should buy eso gold when the game starts because now is the right moment to do it. You want game progression, you want to show off? Then buy eso gold now because at the start of the game nobody ever will have enough eso gold to make it possible for them to show off with that beautiful dragon mount he just “tamed” or actually bought with the eso gold he bought. So yes buy eso gold now as it is the perfect time. Everybody hates when in eso or any other game such as wow, gw2, or wildstar you run out of gold and you can’t complete your journey, being stuck at farming items/mines/boars instead of doing what you like. What is a small price for a lot of eso gold? I see it this way: You pay for good time, isn’t that actually happening in real life? So buy eso gold now means you actually pay for the fun you want to have in the game, pay a little money , get a lot of eso gold and now you can starting having fun, spend it on bets, on cock fights, dog fights or just pay the hookers in the inn. So, go and buy eso gold now because it is totally acceptable and it is worth it.Long live eso gold.